Wednesday, December 29, 2010

⇨Happy 30th Birthday 2 my ✧Big Sis Tivaツ iLy!❤

I could remember every crazy, funny, sad, happy, bad, hair pulling, moment spent with you my big sister. I remember walking to school while in 1st grade & you being in 5th grade having me as your before/ after school responsibility makes me teary eyed thinking of it. I remember you always making me walk on the opposite side of the street.I remember tugging on your pants asking one of my billion's of question's I constantly had for you everyday... lol Why do I always have to walk on this side Tee??? You replied ever so reassuring, because if a car comes's I'll get hit first okay. I nodded & continued with my Gazillion question's. lol There's no bond like one shared with a sibling it's almost like their your kid's & that unconditional love is always there! Sometimes your at each other's neck's but always deep in your heart you feel that love that stays with you till the day you die probably even to the after life. Let's travel down memory lane shall we?!? I remember the first week of freshman year I was so excited to be a so called grown kid oh lorrrddd *Watch out Now* ahaha If you know anything about me then you know as sweet as I am I'll still serve it to you if you provoke me. I don't back down! So first week of my High School Freshman year I'm walking home with a friend & I bend down to tie my shoe lace all of a sudden I hear a crowed of commotion senior girls maybe eight of them started picking on the little helpless freshman's or so they My mouth traveled right back & so did my fists I got jumped! lol My friend ran away crying I honestly was getting hit everywhere by these girl's & I remember specifically thinking in my head GottttDamnn my mom hits harder then all these chicks put together. lol My sibling's can tell you we got our asses whooped alot!!!LOL I swung my fists till they felt my heat & they started backing away. lol I had a couple of knots on my forehead & scratches on my neck nothing serious. My sister seen me walk in the house & recognizes my hair looking a Hot mess. lol She knew that was so unlike me! I tried to hide the marks from her to save some lives! lol She pulled my sweater off my neck & said WHO DID IT??!???WHO? I had to tell her we hopped in my mom's blue mini van w/ my cousin turned the corner to a near by park & guess who was there?:) Let's just say they barked up the wrong tree this time & got well acquainted with the Big Oak!!!;) I don't condone violence but we were young & some people just need some sense knocked back into them one time maybe two. lol The moral of my story is my sister always had my back through it all,the drama,the heart break,the laughter, ect... I'm forever grateful for the selfless heart in her.I'm thankful to have all my older sister's! The hand to hold when we've lost loved ones, The shoulder to cry on when all else seemed lost, That angelic voice on the other side of the phone line telling you everything is gonna be alright sis, The jokes we pop that only we could find hilarious cause only we understood, are the most unforgettable priceless times of my life! I will always hold it close. This blog is dedicated to her my Beautiful,Brave,Strong Older sister Tiva Manuma Happy Purdy Thirty sis I Love You my Ride or Die.

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  1. aww CUTE :) Me and my older sis is the same way..we used to box and argue all the time as we are insuperable ;)